Strawberry Meringue Pie

strawberry meringue pie

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*For a 20cm diameter cake tin or ring.

  • Vegan Sablé (pie crust)

  • 175g Wheat flour

  • 50g Brown sugar

  • 1 pinch of Cinnamon

  • 90g Margarine

  • 20ml (2 tablespoons) Vegetable milk

  • Strawberry Cream

  • 250g Strawberry puree*

  • 25g Corn Starch

  • 50g Sugar

  • Strawberry Meringue

  • 125g Aquafaba (water from boiling legumes)*

  • 125g Powdered sugar

  • ½ teaspoon Xantham gum*

  • 100g Strawberry puree*

  • 2g Xantham gum*

  • Glaze

  • 50g Sugar

  • 50g Water

  • Strawberries


  • For the pie crust.

  • 1.Prepare the vegan sablé following the recipe.

  • 2.Spread a bit of flour in the working surface, and spread the dough. Give it the desired thickness and cut it to the size of the mold you are going to use.

  • 3.Bake it on its own, poke the dough with a fork, cover it with baking paper and place some weight over it (chickpeas or dried legumes) to keep it from rising. Bake at 200ºC for 15 minutes. Then, take out the chickpeas and the baking paper and bake for another 10 minutes approximately until golden.

  • 4.Leave it to cool and set it aside.

  • For the strawberry cream.

  • 1.Put half of the strawberry puree in a pot. Add the sugar and dissolve it.

  • 2.Dissolve the corn starch in the other half of the strawberry puree.

  • 3.Add in the dissolved corn starch to the pot and heat it until it thickens.

  • 4.Pour over the baked and cooled pie crust. Leave it to cool and set it aside.

  • Preparing the glaze and the strawberries.

  • 1.Prepare the glaze. Put the water and the sugar in a pot, and boil for 3 minutes. Leave it to cool and set it aside.

  • 2.Cut the strawberries in half. Set them aside.

  • Preparing the strawberry meringue.

  • 1.Put the aquafaba in a bowl and beat it. Once the color has changed to white, slowly add in the powdered sugar.

  • 2.Once the powdered sugar is completely incorporated and once it gets a more solid consistency, meringue-like, add the ½ teaspoon of xantham gum. Clik HERE to see how it should look!

  • 3.While the meringue keep beating, put the strawberry puree and the 2g of xantham gum in a mixer and blend it. You will get a gummy mixture.

  • 4.Add a bit of the meringue to this mixture. Hereafter, pour this over the rest of the meringue and mix it all together with encircling movements until smooth. Click HERE, we'll show you the trick!

  • 5.Put some over the strawberry cream and the rest in a pastry bag with the desired tip.

  • Assembling.

  • 1.Place the strawberries on the pie leaving the borders free.

  • 2.Paint the strawberries using the glaze.

  • 3.Decorate the border of the pie using the rest of the meringue.

  • 4.Finish it by adding a bit of the strawberry cream in the empty spaces between the strawberry pieces.

  • *You can prepare the strawberry puree simply by blending the strawberries. For a better result, filter the puree.

  • *Aquafaba is the resulting liquid obtained from the boiling of any legume. The most common version is the liquid from boiling chickpeas, because of its most neutral flavor and taste, but any other legume may be used as well. In order to get the "aquafaba", boil the legume and let it reduce the liquid until you it gets a viscous consistency. We recommend using the liquid from a jar of chickpeas to ensure the proper result of the "meringue".

  • *Xanthan gum is a thickener obtained from the fermenting of corn mash (or other grains), resulting in some kind of gelatine. It is used as an additive to add elasticity to doughs made with gluten free flours. It provides no flavour whatsoever, barely adds calories to the recipe and it may be used for both cold and hot processing. We can easily find this product in herbalists, specialty shops and some supermarkets.


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