Meringue and Chocolate Ingot

meringue and chocolate ingot

Ingredients icon-ingredients

*For a plum cake tin.

  • Chocolate Sponge Cake

  • 20g Milk

  • 83g Sugar-free Dark chocolate

  • 42g Butter

  • 1ud. Egg

  • 1g Stevia

  • 42g Yogurt

  • 67g Wheat flour

  • 5g Baking powder

  • Sugar-free meringue

  • 2uds. Egg whites

  • Salt

  • 3g Stevia

  • 75g Water

  • 12g Corn starch

  • 7g Gelatine powder*

  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla essence


  • For the sponge cake.

  • 1.Put the milk, the chocolate and the butter in a bowl suitable for the microwave. Heat ut for 30 seconds, stir and repeat until all the ingredients melt smoothly.

  • 2.Beat the egg in a bowl. Add the stevia and keep beating.

  • 3.Pour the chocolate mixture and keep mixing.

  • 4.Add the yogurt and stir properly.

  • 5.Add the flour and the baking powder in. Mix all the ingredients.

  • 6.Pour the mixture in a plum cake tin, previously greased.

  • 7.Bake at 170ºC for 15 minutes approximately.

  • 8.Leave it to cool before unmoulding. Set it aside.

  • For the meringue.

  • 1.Separate the egg whites.

  • 2.Put the egg whites in a bowl and beat them.

  • 3.Add the salt, and once the start to turn white, add the stevia in.

  • 4.Put the water and the corn starch in a bowl, and disolve it. Add the gelatine powder in. Put it on the heat and boil for one minute.

  • 5.Pour the mixture over the egg white slowly. Mix properly.

  • 6.Add the vanilla essence and keep beating.

  • Assembling.

  • 1.While the meringue is cooling down, set the plum cake tin ready. Put baking paper in the tin and the chocolage sponge cake inside.

  • 2.Once the meringue's almost cooled down (not entirely), put over the sponge cake.

  • 3.Using the baking paper, get the ingot out of the mould. Use a knife to go through the borders and remove the paper. Click HERE to see how it's done!

  • 4.With the help of a spatula, smooth out the meringue to get a perfect result.

  • 5.Burn the meringue with a blow torch and decorate it to taste.

  • *Watch out with the gelatine powder, as some of them may contain egg, milk or wheat traces.

  • *This meringue can not be baked.

  • *The mould we have used for this recipe has the following measures: 25cm long x 7,5cm height x 11,5cm wide.

  • *In order to prepare a dairy free version of this recipe, replace the milk and yogurt with vegetable milk and yogurt, and the butter with margarine.

  • *Replace the wheat flour with our flour mixture for a gluten free version of this recipe.

  • *It's very important not to let the meringue cool down entirely, otherwise it'll be very difficult to work with. In the same way, to be able to smooth out the meringue more easily, soak the spatula in warm water and dry after each "spread".

  • *This meringue is very different from a traditional one, being this sugar free option much more airy, similar to foams. Nonetheless, we think this is a really interesting sugar free alternative.

  • *You may substitute the stevia with any other powder sweetener.

  • *We used sweeteners, not sugar, in this recipe. However, due to its fat content, a moderate consumption is recommended for diabetics.


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