Baileys and Coffee Pie

baileys and coffee pie

Ingredients icon-ingredients

*For a 20cm diameter cake tin or ring.

  • Baileys Cremeux

  • 400g Cream Cheese

  • 100g Sugar

  • 200g Cream

  • 8g Gelatine sheets

  • 100g Baileys

  • Pie Crust (coffee streusel)

  • 100g Flour mixture

  • 100g Almonds flour

  • 100g Sugar

  • 1 pinch of Salt

  • 100g Butter

  • 1 y ½ teaspoon of Instant coffee

  • Coffee Ganache

  • 180g Cream

  • 80g Sugar

  • 4g Instante coffee

  • 200g Dark chocolate

  • 30g Butter


  • For the Baileys cremeux.

  • 1.Hydrate the gelatine sheets in very cold water.

  • 2.Put them in a pot with the cream cheese, the sugar and the cream. Heat them on low fire.

  • 3.Stir to disolve all the cheese lumps.

  • 4.When the mixture is smooth, turn off the fire, drain and add the gelatine and stir.

  • 5.Add in the Baileys and mix properly.

  • 6.Pour the mixture into the chosen mould and freeze.

  • Preparing the pie crust.

  • 1.Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl: the flour mixture, the almond flour, the sugar and the salt.

  • 2.Melt a bit of the butter and disolve the instant coffee in it. Set aside.

  • 3.Add the rest of the butter to the dry ingredients and knead it until smooth.

  • 4.Add in the coffee disolved in the melted butter.

  • 5.Place the mixture in the chosen mould and smooth it out with a spatula. Bake at 160ºC for 20 minutes (until golden). Cool down and set aside.

  • For the coffee ganache.

  • 1.Put the cream, the sugar and the coffee in a pot and bring to a boil.

  • 2.Pour this over the chocolate and mix it with a whisk, until the chocolate disolves completely and the resulting mixture is smooth.

  • 3.Wait until the temperature decreases, when the ganache is at 40ºC, add the butter. Mix properly and leave it to cool in the fridge.

  • 4.Once cool, put it in a pastry bag with the desired piping nozzle.

  • Assembling.

  • 1.Unmould the streusel once completely cool.

  • 2.Unmould the Baileys cream using a blowtorch and place it over the coffee streusel.

  • 3.Spread the truffle around the cake, on the streusel borders.

  • 4.Decorate to your liking.

  • *The cake ring used for the pie crust was of 20cm of diameter. The Baileys cremeux was done in a 18cm one.

  • *Use a closed mould for the Baileys cremeux or wrap in plastic film a ring while using a flat mould as a base.

  • *It's important not to reach a very high temperature while preparing the Baileys cremeux. 38ºC will be enough to disolve the gelatine.


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